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Welcome to Ann Lewis Designs' Online Catalog

This site was designed for you, our wholesale customer, as an easy-access catalog and ordering system. Having been in the retail business ourselves, we know how important your time is and have made ease-of-use our number one priority. We have tried to make the pages self-explanatory, but if you run into a snag the information below should be of some help. If not please contact us directly.

Tips on using this site...

Browser: For best results, we recommend Internet Explorer as the web browser to use here.

Navigation: When navigating use the menu system at the top. Using the Back button of the browser does not automatically refresh the pages, so what you see may not reflect the latest changes you have made. However, if you do go back, you can click the browser's Refresh button to update the page.

Sign in:

Order Pending: If this notice appears you have an order open. Click on it to go to the Order Header page to enter information regarding shipping, PO numbers, when to ship, etc. If you have more than one store location you will first be prompted to select which store the order is for.

Previous Orders. If this appears you will be able to view orders you have placed within the last 2 years. Just click on an order to view the details. You can use these as the basis for a new order or add to an existing order - part of it or all of it.
Note that only items currently available will be shown.

Best Sellers. You can view our current best selling styles. These can be selected individually - just click on the style - or by a dollar amount. When ordering by dollar amount the order is placed from top down with a quantity of one each. Optionally, you can restrict the best-sellers by metal type. Final adjustments can be made on the order lines page just prior to sending the order to us.

Details - Pricing:

When you select a style, either from the catalog, a previous order or the best sellers list, you will be taken to the Details - Pricing page where you can see all of the options available for it. Enter a number in the Add To Order box to place it on your order.

Order Header:

This is where you enter information regarding shipping, when to ship, back orders and P.O. numbers. You may also add a message with any specific instructions regarding the order. Click the [Update Changes] button after making any changes. To finish your order, click the [Review & Finalize Order] button to go to the Order Line Items page.

Order Line Items:

Here you can modify the details of your order. Change the quantity of any item by entering the number that you want in the Qty box. You can remove the item by checking the Remove box. You can submit the changes by pressing the Enter key or clicking the [Recalculate Changes:] button (near the bottom of the page). When you are finished making changes click the [Finished - Send Order!] button at the bottom of the page to send us the order for processing.
Note: If you hover your mouse over an item an image of it will appear.

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